Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Delights from CURL JUNKIE--your curls will thank you

I love the Curl Junkie line. No secret.

Well, now they have launched new products and a revamped website (still being tweaked, so if you have great suggestions on what  you'd like to see on the site, might wanna email them.) They've lowered their shipping charges (considerably!) and if you order over $75 in products, shipping is free.

If you have dry hair issues, do read the latest blog entry at the Curl Junkie blog: "How to prevent your curls from drying out"   If you have dry to uberdry hair (when I began the "natural" journey back in November of 2009, my hair (which is porous and has damage from years of high-heat blowdrying and straightening) was uberdry. So dry, that I'd need to reapply conditioner throughout the day or it would turn crunchy.

The main line of products that got me to a nicely conditioned state is, yes, CURL JUNKIE. Very moisturizing. Curlies all need moisture, but some of us need a lot more than others. This line serves us well. And now with the addition of new products, there are more products for us fine wavies/curlies who need a bit (or a lot) more protein and who may not like glycerin a lot (or at all). Hooray.

I've been doing a bit of an experiment this week: I had done a protein treatment (see previous post on it), then I had my hair trimmed and colored (permanent on roots, laminate glaze on rest). So, I wanted to enjoy my refreshed hair. I've been cowashing with Curl Junkie Daily Fix (the only cowash I will use these days, although I might throw in some Suave Naturals in the coconut scent occasionally with the Daily Fix, just cause I have a bottle to finish using up.)  Then I've been conditioning (rinse out) with either Beauti-Curls Daily r/o or Curl Rehab, then I use some CJ Curl Assurance Leave-In (that lovely orangey scent, mmmm, so sorry it's discontinued. Great Leave In).  My hair has felt..young.

I'm 50. And my hair has thinned with age and thyroid disease and menopause. But, just that minimal regimen and my hair is silky soft, voluminous, looks longer (from less curling up due to not using stylers). It's like the hair I had when I was 20, only less thick. :)

It's nice to enjoy my hair in a more healthy state. And CJ is a big part of that. Thanks, Marsha!

So, if you have hair like mine (or just wanna try a natural-ingredients-heavy line of quality products formulated by a lovely lady who has curly hair), or just have waves and curls and want to pamper them into soft, springy health, do visit the Curl Junkie site.

If you cowash, you owe it to yourself to try the Daily Fix cleansing conditioner, cause it's gentle, cleans very well (scalp feels good afterwards), and has chelating agent for those who deal with hard water. You do need to keep adding water to this, as this makes it work better.

If you want a bit more cleansing action than a cowash, there is a lowpoo available at the site (though I do believe it will be revamped to be even better). Marsha does listen to feedback.

The very best products in the line, imo, are hard to choose, as this is  a terrific line, but they are, imo again:

Daily Fix
Curl Rehab
Curl Queen Gel

I've already touched on Daily Fix.

The Curl Rehab can do anything--precondish, rinse out, leave in, deep condish.

The Curl Queen Gel has no glycerin, has some protein, and works amazing to smooth frizz and provide medium hold (ie, non crunchy) to my fine hair. It works great over my curl enhancers--Spiral Solutions CEJ, Botticelli Botanicals FSG, AG Re:coil. It's a beautiful product. Non-drying, smoothing, nice hold, lovely.  It's one of the new products and has a light scent that is not cloyingly fruity or floral. (A tea scent)

If you only get three, I recommend those.

If you can get more:

~Curls in a Bottle: a fabulous "finishing" product for me (others use it as a styler on wet hair, I like it as a finisher on damp to almost dry hair, and a refresher on dry hair). This baby gives SHINE SHINE SHINE.

~Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion (a Leave-In condish): It's a new product. I got to test it and it works well on fine, dry hair. (Though if you can get the discontinued CJ CALI, do get it. It's reduced in price and it's wonderful.)

~The Protein Treatment that will come out in November: to be named. Strong and effective. No mineral oil. Some curlies didn't need to follow with condish. I used heat to activate it, so I did need Curl Rehab after.

Do look at the Curl Junkies (examples of product usage on actual people) to see which hair is most like yours and how you can apply products:

And the Selection Guide is very handy to decide which products best suit your hair type.

Definitely check out this great line of products. My hair says "You'll love em!"

And if you want a chance to win more than $100 bucks' worth of these great hair products, be sure to check out Day #7 in the NaturallyCurly.Com's October month giveaway. I almost don't wanna pass the word as I want to win it myself! :) I'm greedy and wanna keep the entry numbers low for that day. HAH. But seriously, it's worth entering. Good stuff from CJ.

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